Our Mission

I had just given a monthly “Health Chat” about protecting our brains from the ravages of dementia. Amidst key take-aways, a tall thin woman with tired eyes lamented, “I just can’t sleep! And it’s been going on for months now.” Another woman shook her head, saying, “I have the same problem. Night after night I just can’t sleep.”

Later, while presenting a similar talk to business owners, a slouched man with a scruffy beard interrupted. “What can we do about sleep? Studies I hear about say that sleep aids can cause dementia.”

It was then that I realized: it isn’t enough to help people escape from the clutches of dementia, or to dissolve stress. Yes - we all want to be happy and healthy. But, none of us can learn or apply new strategies when we’re exhausted or worn down by not sleeping. Good sleep must come first!

We had already gained our own insights about the connection between sleep and good health, since my husband worked at night for years. We combined our health coaching skills and personal experience with a deep study of better sleep, and voila, Sleep Liberation was born.

Our mission is to support you in getting better sleep - in a way that enhances your health. On all levels, and for the long term. We help you to: manage stress. Get better sleep, consistently. And to adopt other simple habits that will serve you well in the long run.

​To Your Health!

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