Sedona Area NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Sessions

Book an in-person session today as a relaxed, easy way to get started with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback.

Want to bring a family member or friend with you, so you can brain train together? No Problem.

Yes, You Can Have A Local 
In-Person, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Session

If you are local to the Verde Valley/Sedona Area, we can meet in person –
at my office, or (potentially) I can come to you.

If you’re from out of the area but need or want a vacation, consider staying with us at our Airbnb Cottage
or Home, and craft your own get-away retreat, complete with NeurOptimal®.

You can have a session whenever you need. There are many options!

Why Have An In-Person Session?

It's Easy 

You don't need to learn how it works or how to set it up. Just come, fill out brief paperwork, and relax during your session.

Make A Personal Connection

Meeting in person allows for more connection and sharing plus greater confidence in your own brain training.

Just Receive

You get to play just one role: recipient. No need to play the role of both trainer and client as you would if you rented or purchased a unit.

Each Session Stands Alone

This is the ideal "try before you buy". There's no commitment. You can have one session only or as many sessions as you like.

An in-person session is an ideal way to get started with NeurOptimal® brain training - It's easy, affordable and has no on-going commitment"

Couple Brain Training sedona area neurofeedback


Whether you want to have a personal one-on-one session, or prefer to have a session as a couple, I can accommodate you. Just let me know your preference when you book your session.

Family Brain Training


If you'd like to do brain training with three or more people at once, please ask. Depending upon how many rental clients I have at the time, I may be able to accommodate you. It's fun!

Pick The Pricing Option That Best Suits You

$ 108.00

Please allow at least an hour for this session.

Additional Sessions: $89.00 each
Pack of Six: $79.00 each (to be used within 6 months)

$ 179.00

Please allow at least an hour for this session.

Additional Sessions: $159.00 per duo
Pack of Three: $417.00 per duo (to be used within 6 months)

$ 255.00

Please allow at least 75 minutes for this session.

Additional Sessions: $225.00 per group
Pack of Three: $585.00 per group (to be used within 6 months)

Please plan to spend a few minutes reflecting and completing some paperwork ahead of the session.

Rachel Haverkos Occupational Therapist
Rachel Haverkos

Rachel enjoys sharing NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback with in-person clients. She brings a background in Occupational Therapy and Health coaching, as well as Advanced Certification in NeurOptimal®, to her work with clients. To find about more about Rachel click here.

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