Why Rent When You Can Buy 

The Ideal System For You?

Watch this short, informative video, crafted by the very talented NeurOptimal® team.

Have You Done Your Brain Training Today?

Sounds difficult, but it's not.

With a Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback system it's as simple as sitting in a chair and relaxing, while listening to captivating music. You may watch never-repeating visuals as well.

But What Is Neurofeedback Exactly?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback measures electrical activity, from .01 hertz to 64 hertz, in the brain in real time - more than half a million times in one 33-minute session.

The software dynamically measures voltage changes emitted from the scalp; the audio/visual stream is interrupted for a micro-second (you may not hear it) as the software detects that your brain is about to make a change. This interruption causes your brain to pay attention, interrupting habitual patterns, and allowing new choices.

Neurofeedback is an easy, non-invasive method that
accesses your brain's power to be at its best.

Key Benefits Of Owning Your Own NeurOptimal® Unit


Brain Training is always available to you

No worries about needing to return the unit at the end of the month


Schedule your sessions as you like

No worries about completing a certain number of sessions by a certain date


Invest in your sessions as you like

You can purchase as many as 100 or as few as 10 directly from NeurOptimal,
when you’re ready to refill your Session bank


Peace of Mind

Since it’s your equipment, you’ll know exactly how its been cared for


Ease of use

You can set up your preferences on the system and be ready to go,
each time you have a session


Less Risk

Your unit can be covered under your homeowners insurance policy (check with your provider for details) because you own the unit. Your investment is safer this way


Share at your discretion

You can train family and friends as you wish

ASUS Laptop For Sale

ASUS VIVO one time offer $2160.00 + 84 Extra Sessions ($840)!

We’re offering a Personal (Limited) NeurOptimal unit as follows:

  • Asus Vivo Flip Book laptop TP501UA (it can be positioned in two ways) from 2017
  • NO3 license (latest version of NeurOptimal® software) already installed ($1188 value if upgrading from NeurOptimal V2 license)
  • 100 NeurOptimal® Sessions ($1000 value, or more) 
  • Z Amp (Under warranty until 4/15/2024) 
  • USB Cable (to connect the Zamp to the computer) ($20 value))
  • Ear Buds
  • Pack of Sensors in good condition ($125 value if new)
  • Computer charger
  • Paste – approximately 8 ounces included (almost 228 grams) - a $30 value
  • Soft sided carrying case, which holds the laptop and all supplies (a $50 value)

Session Savings: This unit comes with an additional 84 additional sessions for the discounted price of $840 (at the “100-session-pack” rate)
You are invited to:
•Invest $2,160 for the above unit itself, with the initial 100 sessions and NO3 license, + 840 for the additional 84 sessions
•Obtain PASS membership or Anti-Virus software if desired – these can be purchased from NeurOptimal® (Anti Virus software is included in NeurOptimal® PASS)
•Remit required local taxes (if applicable)
• Pay License Transfer Fee (payable to NeurOptimal®) of $495
•Shipping and Handling – to be determined. Often $55 – 70 with declared value of $2000

Your total payable to Seller would be $2160 + 840 + shipping + 3% credit card fee, if used.
Your total payable to NeurOptimal would be $495 (amount subject to change)

Buy A Gently Used NeurOptimal  Tablet With 200 Extra Sessions for Greater Savings

Special Price $3750.00 (price drop) + (optional) $1,980 for 200 Extra Sessions!

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with iCore5
  • NO3 Installed (Latest NeurOptimal® software)
  • 100 NeurOptimal sessions 
  • 200 Additional NeurOptimal sessions
  • Z Amp (Under warranty until 6/25/24)
  • USB Cable
  • Surface Pro Sleeve (soft sided carrying case)
  • Surface Pro Stand
  • Bonus Protective Case - Valued at $85
  • Ear Buds
  • Pack of Sensors
  • Computer Charger
Vibrant Brain For Life New Surface Pro 4 Tablet Package2

It's True: NeurOptimal® Works for Real People

Marco developed seizures when he was 13 – he is now 25.

They were bad.

Not long after, I took him to do neurofeedback using a traditional system and qEEG. (Not NeurOptimal). For 15 months Marco did not have any seizures because the neurofeedback was keeping his delta waves down. However, he started developing side effects – tics, tardive dyskinesia, muscle spasms etc. so we stopped. I felt that there was a huge margin of human error involved with the determining of the protocol for the neurofeedback which is essentially unavoidable. This was a major factor in my decision to buy a NeurOptimal system, knowing that it is fully automated and does not require a human to make any decisions on behalf of the brain. I’m so glad I did!

He’s been seizure free since the summer of 2014 and has been doing NeurOptimal since Oct. of 2015. We did an EEG this year and his EEG was clear of any seizure activity so his Neurologist has been reducing his seizure medication. I attribute this normal EEG to NeurOptimal. My son’s neurologist confirmed that a person may be asymptomatic of seizures (not be having seizures), but their EEG can still show seizure activity in the brain; so it was very amazing that my son did not show any seizure activity on his EEG considering his long history of intense and continuous seizure activity.



Boca Raton, Florida

Rachel Haverkos

NeurOptimal Trainer with Advanced Certification

About Rachel Haverkos

Rachel is the founder of Vibrant Brain For Life, and a Certified Advanced Trainer of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. She recommends using NeurOptimal® brain training as an ongoing part of one's overall wellness program, and as a human performance tool.

NO Advanced Training Seal neuroptimal rentals

How Is NeurOptimal® Different From Other Systems?

Your brain knows the best way to correct itself, once it's given the right information about what it's doing.


  • Focus is on improving brain resilience and flexibility.
  • No diagnosis is necessary because training helps your brain find its own best solution
  • Expertise is built in to the system. No skills are necessary
  • No unwanted side-effects
  • Requires no effort or special discipline. You simply relax

Other Systems

  • Focus is on treatment
  • Requires diagnosis
  • Requires practitioner skills
  • Potential side-effects
  • Invasive. Pushes brain in a specific direction to achieve correction

Other Neurofeedback systems do NOT recognize that the brain can correct itself.

Those systems rely on practitioner expertise and/or complicated equipment, to “push” or “pull” your brain towards certain outcomes.  

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a simpler and more effective approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S.: Neuroptimal® systems are a safe, convenient, non-invasive method for improving your brain's function, so that you can live the life you want, now.

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