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Stressed? We understand. We invite you to join our Meetup Group.

​Hello Heart - Hope and Strength for Troubled Times  

​We'd Love For You to Join Our Meetup Group, Online​

Many of us are stressed these days. I'm sure you know this! That's why I've created Hello Heart.

I  thought I’d reach out, because I’m ​starting a Meetup group, focusing upon stress management using HeartMath strategies.

​Meetup is typically for in-person meetings, but at the moment, even Meetup is recommending that people meet online only.

Our first meeting will be Tuesday, April 21st at 12:00 noon; we'll meet every Tuesday and Thursday for 8 sessions.

​I thought I'd share with you the official Group description, also found here, where you can sign up to join us. ​

“Upside down.

Do you feel as if your life, as you’ve known it, has been forever changed? Turned on it’s head?

Perhaps you, like we, have lost a primary source of income. A source of support you worked hard to create has now been stripped away.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, is sick, or very worried about being sick. The threats to our survival, well being, and sanity, are glaringly real.

This Meetup is for you if you’d like to learn tools to help you learn to stay cool(er) and calm(er) during this time.

It’s for you if you’re curious to explore more about your heart, and how it actually has intelligence – an intelligence which can be harnessed to manage the stressors and challenges of everyday life. Yes, even now.

Short term stress, like we need toilet paper, but there’s none left to buy. Or longer term stress, like what do we do now for income. What we’ll cover can help with both.

In this twice weekly Meetup we’ll watch a Chapter of the recently released video course called the HeartMath Experience.

We’ll practice HeartMath stress-relieving techniques, and support one another in applying them in our lives. There will be time for personal sharing, as well as Q & A, additional relevant topics, and possibly a guest speaker.”

Some Of The Benefits Of Participating In Hello Heart Are:

  • Managing stress in the moment it’s happening
  • Perceiving new ways of thinking and acting in challenging situations
  • Transforming unwanted thoughts and behaviors
  • Having more clarity and confidence in decision making
  • Enjoying a renewed sense of creativity and “flow”

Hello Heart Meeting Times And Dates


12pm : Pacific Time

3:00pm: EST


12pm : Pacific Time

3:00pm: EST

If you’re interested in our Hello Heart meetup, please let me know.

If you wouldn’t be able to participate now, no worries, I do understand.

As stated above, I plan to hold these meetings twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday at noon Pacific Time, 3:00 pm EST, beginning Thursday April 21st.

Again, you can join us here.

What If I Can't Attend?

I realize this may not work for you if you have commitments during specific hours, but I thought it was worth asking. 

And you’re welcome to eat during the Meeting; that would be time efficient if you’re working.

If you can’t attend at this specific time, but would be open to meeting on another day or time, please let me know. 

I’m open to holding a few different meetings, to accommodate those who feel very busy, and those who have extra time now.

Thank you for considering this, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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