Have You Done Your
Brain Training Today?

As an Occupational Therapist, I know that you can use brain training to enhance your brain in several ways . We discuss a number of them here, especially NeurOptimal Neurofeedback.

Brain Activities

There are many ways to train your brain. Here we'll discuss various activities you can use. 

Have you heard about neurofeedback but you’re wondering…. what really happens during a NeurOptimal session?No,

You’ve read about What Happens During A NeurOptimal® Session, and now maybe you’re wondering what

Brain Research

Research into the brain is advancing at a great rate. Here we'll bring you research you can use.

Have You Done Your Brain Training Today?As an Occupational Therapist, I know that you can

Rachel Haverkos Occupational Therapist

What is Brain Training and

How Can It Help?

We all want to be at our best. We all expect that we will be at our best, without effort.

But sometimes we realize we have a problem. That something isn’t quite right.

Our brain feels foggy, or not as sharp as usual. It’s hard to concentrate. Or we can’t do numbers the way we usually do.

Yes, we want to adopt brain healthy habits, of course. And to avoid Brain Risk Factors whenever possible.

But sometimes, that doesn’t seem enough. We still have brain health challenges. What to do?

There are several types of brain training. Some focus on enhancing specific brain functions, such as math skills.

Others involve helping to train a person to be in a specific pattern of brain activity. Others involve daily activities that help to keep the brain “plastic” and growing.

Brain Training Methods

We’re involved in a special type of Neurofeedback that allows the brain to correct itself, based upon what it’s just done.

It’s like holding up a mirror so your brain can “see” its activity and make a different choice, or not.

This may sound strange, but it’s like this. When you look in the mirror and suddenly realize you have food in your teeth, do you need a lot of prompting to remove it?

You do it automatically, yes? Same concept with your brain, depending upon the intentions you’ve set.

We’ll tell you more in the articles you find on this page.

For now, just know that we understand you want your brain to be at it’s best, and we’ve got you covered.

And as an Occupational Therapist focusing on daily activities, we know about embedding brain enhancing habits into everyday life.

It feels empowering, can be effective, and why not?

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