What Brain Risk Factors Affect You?

There are many brain risk factors because our brains are fragile and easily damaged. We’ll discuss numerous ​threats to our brains, and how we can protect ourselves.
There are ways to also train your brain here.

Internal Risks

Toxins can affect the brain in many ways and you need to be aware of them to avoid risk. 

Genetic Risk For DementiaI’m guessing. You are wondering: do you have a genetic risk for

External Risks

There are many diseases that can affect the brain. We will look here at what can be done about them.

Did you know that the ability to manage stress could help you stay sharp?Managing stress

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Why We Need to Protect Our Brains from Brain Risk Factors

Our brains are soft, like the consistency of butter. Yet they’re packed in a bony skull, with ridges and bony surfaces.

Our brains house our Command Central for our nervous system, yet they can have either hardware or software problems.

So many factors conspire to challenge our brains.

A fall from a bicycle. A flying baseball.

Lead in our water. Pollutants in the air. Viruses on surfaces we touch.

Connections between our brain cells that get broken. Cells that die because of toxins in our brains. The list goes on.

Risk Prevention Methods

When we’re aware of the challenges, we can take steps to protect against them. To arm ourselves.

To avoid what we can, and to rid ourselves of what we can’t.

We can understand our genetic risk for cognitive decline, and modify our habits accordingly.

Brain Healthy Habits are good for anyone, but are especially important for some.

And we can train our brains to help them be at their best.

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