What Brain Healthy Habits Do You Have?

The brain healthy habits we adopt every day have a big impact on our brains over time. Finding what works best for us, and doing it, yields big results. If you also want to know about brain risk factors, click here

Manage Stress

Managing stress plays a huge factor in living a happy and healthy life. 

Surprising. Sometimes people are just too stressed to relieve stress. Talk about a vicious cycle.“My

You can feel it. You need stress relief.The back of your calves are tight. It’s

Sleep Habits

Getting the right quantity and quality of sleep is vital for maintaining a healthy brain. 

What Brain Healthy Habits Do You Have? The brain healthy habits we adopt every day

Daily Healthy Habits

It truly doesn't take a lot of work to create habits that promote health.

Rachel Haverkos Occupational Therapist

Why A Healthy Brain Matters

You want to be you for life. You don’t want to end up in a nursing home. Or a burden on your relatives. Or living an isolated life, barely existing.

You want to remember your past, and fully enjoy the present. To keep your important connections to family and friends.

The best way to do that? Plan and act now.

Good Brain Healthy Habits

Did you know that the onset of cognitive decline starts decades before you may receive a diagnosis?

Or that taking action now can mean the difference between having dementia versus having a healthy brain and the life you want?

With all of the brain risk factors we need to avoid, it can feel overwhelming. Our goal here is to highlight the many factors you can control, that are empowering.  You can be you, for life, if you keep it simple and take small steps every day.

And who knows? You may decide you want to try brain training as well, in addition to adopting brain healthy habits.

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