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General Health Books

HeartMath® Solution For
Better Sleep

For more than 25 years, HeartMath's® research brings you a holistic solution to the issue of sleeplessness by training you to reset your natural sleep cycle.

The College De-Stress Handbook

Navigating the college maze is stressful, with lots of personal and academic challenges along the way. The College DeStress Handbook can teach you what you can control and how to maintain ease and flow.

HeartMath® Meditation Assistant

The HeartMath® Meditation Assistant book provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use either HeartMath's emWave or Inner Balance to enhance your spiritual and self-help practices.

The HeartMath® Solution

The definitive book about HeartMath® for personal development and well-being, The HeartMath® Solution provides essential tools to deepen qualities long associated with the heart  - wisdom, compassion, courage, love, strength, and joy.

Heart Intelligence

Heart Intelligence provides breakthrough research linking the physical heart to the spiritual (energetic) heart. This book provides simple techniques for accessing our heart's intuitive intelligence for moment-to-moment guidance and discernment.

The Transforming Series

Transforming Stress

The HeartMath® Solution For Relieving Worry.

Transforming Stress For Teens

A simple-to-use skill set you can count on any time is invaluable for today's teenagers who face tremendous pressures in an uncertain and complex world. 

Transforming Anxiety

The HeartMath® solution is based on new research on how the heart and brain communicate and how people can harness the power of their physiology to regulate their own emotions to expand intuitive perception

Transforming Depression

By using the HeartMath® techniques in this book, you'll learn how to tap into new resources of energy and creativity and find new ways to connect with the people in your life.

Transforming Anger

Managing your anger with the HeartMath® techniques doesn't mean leaving yourself open to getting walked on. You don't become naive or cave in to others' demands.


Quiet Joy - Emusic

A selection from Doc Childre's award winning releases Heart Zones and Speed of Balance in digital.


Wild Ride To The

Heart Game

Wild Ride is especially designed to teach children about recognizing, expressing and balancing their emotions. 

Heartmath Accessory Products - EmWave

EmWave Pro

The emWave Pro is a scientifically validated heart-rate monitoring system that facilitates learning techniques to create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balanced.

EmWave Charcoal Gray

emWave(R) hand-held technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness and facilitating personal growth based on learning to change your heart rhythm pattern to create coherence.

EmWave USB Charging/Connecting Cable

emWave2(R) USB 2.0 A to Mini B 5 Pin Cable - 3ft USB Cable for emWave2 handheld device.

EmWave Finger Sensor

The emWave(R) Finger Sensor has a compact profile and lightweight construction.

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