Genetic Risks For Dementia

Genetic Risk For DementiaI’m guessing. You are wondering: do you have a genetic risk for dementia?After all, your grandmother had it. And your Uncle Dave. On your Father’s side, a

Relieve Stress Quickly 5 Easy Steps

Surprising. Sometimes people are just too stressed to relieve stress. Talk about a vicious cycle.“My girlfriend tried HeartMath. It was too much for her. She couldn’t process all the data

Manage Stress to Avoid Dementia

Did you know that the ability to manage stress could help you stay sharp?Managing stress can help you to avoid dementia, such as your grandmother, or my grandmother, had, and

Which Path is Right For You?

You can feel it. You need stress relief.The back of your calves are tight. It’s hard to take a full breath.And, your racing thoughts are.... making you....... forget what you

Young Boy Neuroptimal Session

Have you heard about neurofeedback but you’re wondering…. what really happens during a NeurOptimal session?No, it’s not like a visit to a doctor’s office - or to a provider of