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30 Day Review: Let’s Celebrate You!

By Rachel Haverkos

January 30, 2018

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30 Day Review: Let's Celebrate You! 

It’s January 30th. You know what that means, don’t you?

That it’s been 30 days since we first talked about Resolutions.

And we established that we’d focus on our one small goal for 30 days.


Just wanted to know how you’re doing.

I know I asked a few weeks ago.

Positive Power

I ask again because I want to offer support. And to find out what you’re celebrating now.

Yup, I’m inviting you to focus on the positive. On what did go well. On what you can build on.


Because what you focus on, you’ll get more of.

Suggestion: commit to focusing on the positive. Make up your mind that you will find something (or several things) positive, and then go look for it/them in your 30 days of goal action.

Keep this positive focus  in mind as we continue and you ask yourself…

How did it all go? And what will you do for the next 30 days?

Will you keep your present goal, and perhaps raise your minimum amount, to build even stronger momentum?

Or, will you continue your current goal action as it is, while you add another new goal action?

For myself, I chose to take a daily action that my Health Hero, Dr. Kharrazian, says helps strengthen vagus nerve function. In other words, it helps my brain and body be strong and communicate well together.

I succeeded at performing my goal action every day except one (I just plain forgot), so I’ll celebrate that. Cool! And take a moment to truly appreciate my efforts.

 And going forward I’ll plan to do better, since I still didn’t strongly anchor that goal action to one trigger that would help me remember it (like doing it right before I brush my teeth at night). And I could use a visual cue to help remind me.

In other words, I failed at applying all of the science-based advice I wrote about in my article about Resolutions (you can review it here). But in the next 30 days, I’ll do better.

And You?

So, what went well for you? What will you celebrate? I’d love to hear!

Good for you for taking action. Keep going!

As you build momentum, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This isn’t so hard after all.

But if your past 30 days weren’t great, you can always start over. Tomorrow. New beginning, new you. Another chance to take small steps, and focus on the positive.

Cheers! You've got this.

Rachel Haverkos

About the author

Rachel’s background in occupational therapy and health coaching contribute to her lifelong interest in brain health. People wanting to stay sharp hire her to help protect & enhance their brain, because they want to avoid dementia but don’t know how. So she gives them the knowledge, clarity, and confidence needed to be their vibrant best self, for life. Through Vibrant Brain For Life, she shares evidence-based tools, strategies, and resources online and in person. When not at her desk, she’s likely enjoying the wildflowers of Sedona, or greeting guests at her Airbnb.

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