What lies ahead, in your future?

Train Your Brain, Keep It Healthy And Reduce Risks So That You Can BE YOU For Life

Brain Training

Why not be at your best? We offer NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback as a way of supporting optimal brain function, for all.

Brain Healthy Habits

What we do every day has a profound impact on our brain, over time. Learn how to best support your brain, in a way that works for you.

Brain Risk Factors

Our brains are vulnerable. Learn what to watch out for, and how to mitigate challenges that may especially impact you.

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We use our experience to help shape yours

We know what it feels like to realize that we’re at risk. To question the future. To not be sure if what happened to loved ones will also happen to us. And to discover the joy of realizing that there is much we can do, right now, to ensure a brighter future. 

People wanting to stay sharp hire us to help protect & enhance their brain, because most people want to avoid dementia but they don’t know how. So we give them the clarity, confidence, and skills needed to be their vibrant best self, for life.

Vibrant Brain For Life sees itself as being part of a larger worldwide Mission to ensure that people enjoy a healthy old age, with their bodies well, their brains sharp, and their sense of Self intact. We want people to know that for most of us, cognitive decline and dementia are optional, not inevitable.


We'd love to share what our clients say about us

I've had the opportunity to be a client of Rachel's HeartMath and Health Coaching services. Wow, what a difference it's made in my life. Over the years I've been to different therapies for stress.......

Zumi T.

HR Recruiter

Using the various HeartMath techniques has proven effective in coping with & reducing stress in my life, and in creating positive shifts in my thought patterns and emotions. In my role as a caregiver, I have more patience and compassion.

R. M.

Fiber Artist

Rachel is one of the best listeners I have ever had the pleasure to talk to. She impressed me by analyzing my problem and coming up with helpful suggestions and a plan of action.

Cheryl Hartsel

Author & Health Coach

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